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Can I write a Customer Review of my own book? You can't write a review of your own book, but there are other ways to communicate with your readers on Amazon. If so, that author isn't eligible to write a Customer Review for that book.

Please review our Customer Review Guidelines for more information. Can I ask my family to write a Customer Review for my book? Customer Reviews provide unbiased product feedback from fellow shoppers and aren't to be used as a promotional tool.

Please refer to our Help Page for more details.

Your family and friends are welcome to share their enthusiasm for your book through our Customer Discussions feature. To find Customer Discussions, go to your book's product detail page and scroll past Customer Reviews.

Anyone who visits Amazon. For more information, check out our Customer Discussion Guidelines. Can I pay for someone to write a Customer Review for my book? We don't allow any form of compensation for a Customer Review other write a review button a free copy of the book provided upfront. If you offer a free advanced copy, it must be clear that you welcome all feedback, both positive and negative.

If we detect that a customer was paid to write a review, we'll remove it. The only type of paid review that Amazon supports is an editorial review.

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An editorial review is a more formal evaluation of a book usually written by an editor or expert within a genre, but can also be written by family and friends. Offering payment or any other incentive for a Customer Review is considered compensation.

This includes giving someone money or a gift certificate to purchase your book. We consider incentives to be any type of reward that is given in return for a Customer Review, including but not limited to bonus content, entry to a contest or sweepstakes, discounts on future purchases, and other gifts.

Can I post a Customer Review on behalf of someone else? Customer Reviews are meant to provide customers with feedback from fellow shoppers. We take the removal of Customer Reviews very seriously. Reviews are removed from Amazon for one of three reasons: The review didn't meet our posted Customer Review Guidelines.

The review was removed by the customer who wrote it. We discovered that multiple items were linked together on our website incorrectly. Reviews that were posted on those pages were removed when the items were separated on the site. We can only discuss specific Customer Review removals with the person who originally posted the review.

Amazon removed a Customer Review from one of my books before I had a chance to see it.

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Can I see the review that was removed? Once a review is removed, we can't display it. The only time the text of a Customer Review is removed is when it violates the Customer Review Guidelines.

We can only share information about a Customer Review that was removed with the customer who posted the review. How do I remove a review from my book or report a review that violates the Amazon Community Guidelines? Please take a look at the Customer Review Guidelines and our Help Page to learn more about what we allow reviewers to write.

We'll examine the review and take action if necessary. Customer Reviews are meant to give customers genuine product feedback from fellow shoppers.Glassdoor follows simple principles and guidelines to ensure the most authentic, transparent, and valuable information is available to workers and job candidates while balancing fairness to employers.

Read our Community Guidelines How can we help you today? Write Review; Sign In. Write a review of your wedding venue, photographer, florist and more to help other brides plan their weddings. Instead of saying “Write a review about our business on Yelp,” instead say, “Check us out on Yelp.” The first is a solicitation while the latter is a “heads up” — an FYI that raises awareness.

Login and try to write a review. Expected results: User should have been redirected to reviews page with his review added. Actual results: Submit button does nothing when clicked. Yes I tried posting a review yesterday and just moments ago and still am unable.

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You put your review and when you say Post It the button disappears and it just sits there without actually continuing on . We'll review your report and may remove Recommendations that don't follow our standards. If you can't find a Recommendation that you previously saw on the Page, it may have been removed.

To report a Recommendation: Go to the Recommendation and click in the top right.

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