What should i write a protest song about

These songs protest about issues such as war, women's suffrage, civil rights, immigration or current events in the world today.

What should i write a protest song about

Whether people are protesting truth to power, or power to truth, protesting a certain ideology, or defending it, it appears that protest and social justice songs will be in demand soon, perhaps before we can even get them written. You may have a very strong passion for a certain social or political view but there is a difference between being passionate about a cause, and being well informed.

School yourself up on both sides of the argument and write a lyric you can defend.

How to Write a Protest Song

Write to the Center. When writing your lyric you will convert more uncommitted listeners if you craft some nuance into your viewpoint.

This does not mean you have to acknowledge a personal validation of the opposing view, but writing as if the issue is above debate will inevitably work against you. You do not want people to get the impression that your song was written in an ideological vacuum because that will make it easy to argue against and satirize.

Write to your Passion.

List of Protest Poems

Considering the point in 2 taken, do not compromise your passion for the cause, and write with the bravery and conviction that your view deserves.

Use a Traditional Song Form. By using a traditional song form, you will allow your protest song to tap into the historical representation of the protest songs that have preceded it and give your song some grounding in that tradition.

This also helps your protest, or social justice song, retain some simplicity and help the listener stay focused on the lyric ideas dedicated to your cause. Write into a Metaphor. Songs that are based on an abstract or written as a parable are more powerful and illustrative than songs that are directly teachy or preachy.

The lyric was a metaphorical invitation to get out there and find the answer for yourself. Refrain from NOT using a Refrain. Some of us have never even written a refrain since the chorus took over the world about 50 years ago, but the refrain is a great convention for the kind of song you want to write here.

It is advisable to write a simple catchy melody that primarily uses the 5 note pentatonic scale. This will make your song easy for your crowd to learn and easy for them to remember for the next rally. Anthems are historically a celebratory kind of musical work but, of course, when you protest one side of a cause, you are also celebrating the side of that fence that you reside on.

You will find that some of these songs have a chorus but notice the use of lots and lots of repetition and how the chorus melody and lyric ties in with the verses. Once you have written your song, make certain that organizers who work for the cause know you have written it. It does you no good if nobody hears your timely song, and for those who share that view your song may be considered an essential element that was previously missing from their movement.One thought on “How to write a good protest song.

A lesson from Jordan Page.” arizonaholmestead says: March 4, at pm My wife and I met Jordan at the end of a very long dirt road in Arizona last year.

He was performing at a friends home and they were kind .

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topic to write a song about. If they are going to write with partners, they should be sitting together. write a protest song (1 min). When the video stops go to the next slide. Resources – PowerPoint slides AbouT ThiS lESSon In this lesson students will write their own protest.

Real narratives. Songs with spirit in them. Songs with solutions. Songs with questions. Protest songs don’t have to be boring or non danceable They just have to speak truth.” For all of the artists taking up Questlove’s call to write more protest songs, here is some inspiration RPM’s List of Recent Protest Songs on Spotify.

Mar 10,  · Don't get too hung up on the hidden meaning. You can find hidden meaning in almost any lyric if you want to find it.

If you write a protest song about noisy neighbors, for example, the neighbors could be a metaphor for unstable world political power. Protest songs are usually pretty simple melodically and pfmlures.com: Resolved.

Finding the 'People's Voice'; techniques for writing protest music Write your own protest song Those in power write the history and those who suffer write the songs. The tradition of protest songs in the United States is a long one that dates back to the 18th century and colonial period, the American Revolutionary War and its aftermath.

what should i write a protest song about

In the 19th century topical subjects for protest in song included abolition, slavery, poverty, and the Civil War amongst other subjects.

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