The relationship between brutus and cassius essay

Initially, in the famous seduction scene in Act I scene 2, it is Cassius who definitely seems in control and able to manipulate Brutus, exploiting his fears of the potential dangers of Caesar's ever-increasing power for his own purposes. Cassius wants Brutus on the side of the conspirators, as he is a respected and well-renowned person.

The relationship between brutus and cassius essay

Cassius knows Brutus well and is aware of how easy it is to manipulate him. But once Brutus joins the conspiracy, the power in the relationship shifts.

The relationship between brutus and cassius essay

Brutus becomes the dominant leader as they make plans to kill Caesar. Brutus is motivated by idealism, and he trusts Antony to be true to his word. But Cassius is much more practical, and he sees the dangers in allowing Antony to speak to the crowd.

However, unlike in act 1, Cassius is unable to persuade Brutus to follow his advice. This leads to their downfall as Antony masterfully turns the people of Rome against the conspirators.

In act 4, Brutus and Cassius argue over their different approaches to running the war against Antony and Octavius. Brutus, ever the idealist, condemns Cassius for taking bribes.

The relationship between brutus and cassius essay

Cassius, ever the pragmatist, condemns Brutus for being so hard on him and not treating him like a true friend would. Their argument explodes until Cassius demands that Brutus kill him since Brutus no longer loves him.

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This dramatic moment reconciles the two friends, as they realize their hot words are not sincere. Brutus reveals that his wife has committed suicide, and as a result, it is hard for him to deal with the grief.

There on that battlefield, both friends meet their deaths. They are insistent upon dying with honor and in a way that they know would be respected by the other.Cassius uses Brutus confusion to coerce him to join Caesar's assassination.

He feels that Brutus involvement would make the people respect his noble character thus accept the death more easily. Therefore, the character taking on Brutus's role should appear confused and unsure of .

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Act II, Julius Caesar: Comparison of Relationship between Brutus and Portia and Caesar and Calpurnia. A Comparison of Brutus and Cassius Essay Julius Caesar: Comparison of Relationship between Brutus and Portia and Caesar and Calpurnia.

A difference between Cassius and Brutus is that they have very different morals. When it comes to Cassius to killing Antony he thinks that Antony will become a nuisance and a possible threat.

“As to annoy us all; which to prevent, Let Antony and Caesar fall together” (). This was a big nono in Roman republicanism, so the Senate, led by two of Caesar’s friends, Brutus and Cassius, conspired to kill him, and return power in Rome to the people (well, actually, the aristocracy, but you get the idea).

Relationship between Brutus and Cassius The personalities of Brutus and Cassius differ significantly, which causes them to have a corrupt relationship.

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Brutus is . Cassius and Brutus end up threatening each other, with each man convinced he is better able to lead the armies than the other. The two men continue arguing, and Brutus finally tells Cassius that he is upset that Cassius refused to send him gold with which to pay his soldiers.

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