Roche tamiflu case study

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Roche tamiflu case study

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Production process Global Response to Pandemic Threat of Pandemic Influenza Roche’s Response “When Supply is of Public Interest: Roche & Tamiflu” Case Study Tamiflu Treatment & prevention acquired by Roche in The authors review the potential benefits and unintended consequences of the broad sharing of participant-level data from clinical trials.

Several options for governance structures that could be. The case study examines the measures Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche has taken to ensure there would be sufficient quantities of its influenza drug Tamiflu available worldwide to .

Roche’s expected Tamiflu replacement has already shown solid efficacy in otherwise healthy people. Now, a phase 3 study also showed that this new flu drug worked in people at high risk for.

Roche tamiflu case study

Tamiflu 6 mg/ml Powder for Oral Suspension (SPC) - Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC) by Roche Products Limited. Study Builds on Success in Mice. Previous research has shown that inhibiting the protein complex called TORC1 extended life and lessened immune system decline in aging mice.

Tamiflu - FDA prescribing information, side effects and uses