Oren sternberg thesis

Read more Aims of the trc project essay the breach threatened by the oncoming void of a decircumscribed and ultimately racialized violence as surplus. Violence is here theorized as producing a situated and relational transcendental materiality generated by what is politically inadmissible in or from that violence.

Oren sternberg thesis

Overview[ edit ] Contemporary discussion and controversy around one specific steganographic method became widespread in when Doron Witztum, Eliyahu Rips and Yoav Rosenberg published a paper, "Equidistant Letter Sequences in the Book of Genesis", in the scientific journal Statistical Science. The traditional WRR view of the codes is based strictly on their applicability to the Torah, and asserts that any attempt to study the codes outside of this context is invalid.

This is based on a belief that the Torah is unique among biblical texts in that it was given directly to mankind via Moses in exact letter-by-letter sequence and in the original Hebrew language. To obtain an ELS from a text, choose a starting point in principle, any letter and a skip number, also freely and possibly negative.

Then, beginning at the starting point, select letters from the text at equal spacing as given by the skip number.

Oren sternberg thesis

For example, the bold letters in this sentence form an ELS. Arrange the letters from Genesis Myriad other arrangements can yield other words.

Alternate words are bolded for legibility. This is produced by writing out the text in a regular grid, with exactly the same number of letters in each line, then cutting out a rectangle. In the example below, part of the King James Version of Genesis ELSs for "Bible" and "code" are shown.

Normally only a smaller rectangle would be displayed, such as the rectangle drawn in the figure. In that case there would be letters missing between adjacent lines in the picture, but it is essential that the number of missing letters be the same for each line.

For religious reasons, most Jewish proponents use only the Torah Genesis—Deuteronomy. ELS extensions that form phrases or sentences are of interest. Proponents maintain that the longer the extended ELS, the less likely it is to be the result of chance.

Early history[ edit ] Jewish culture has a long tradition of interpretation, annotation, and commentary regarding the Bible, leading to both exegesis and eisegesis drawing meaning from and imposing meaning on the texts. The Bible code can be viewed as a part of this tradition, albeit one of the more controversial parts.

Throughout history, many Jewish, and later Christian, scholars have attempted to find hidden or coded messages within the Bible's text, notably including Isaac Newton. His four-letter example related to the traditional zero-point of the Hebrew calendar. Over the following centuries there are some hints that the ELS technique was known, but few definite examples have been found from before the middle of the 20th century.

At this point many examples were found by the Michael Ber Weissmandl and published by his students after his death in Nevertheless, the practice remained known only to a few until the early s, when some discoveries of an Israeli school teacher Avraham Oren came to the attention of the mathematician Eliyahu Rips at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Rips then took up the study together with his religious studies partners Doron Witztum and Alexander Rotenberg, among several others. Rips and Witztum[ edit ] Rips and Witztum designed computer software for the ELS technique and subsequently found many examples.

Aboutthey decided to carry out a formal test, and the "Great rabbis experiment" was born. This experiment tested the hypothesis that ELS's of the names of famous rabbinic personalities and their respective birth and death dates form a more compact arrangement than could be explained by chance.

Their definition of "compact" was complex but, roughly, two ELSs were compactly arranged if they can be displayed together in a small window.


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Aims of the trc project essay, Although the TRC had achieved its objectives, it had many shortcom ings ranging from its original mandate, its workings right through to the final.

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Oren-Suissa M, Bayer EA, Hobert O. Sex-specific pruning of neuronal synapses in July 4th Corrected Thesis File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat Kogan, for making the journey the destination 5) Paul Sternberg, for making science an adventure.

thank Oren Schaedel for his support throughout the years. METAL MESH FILTERS FOR INFRARED APPLICATIONS Oren Sternberg*, Jacqueline Fischer, Kenneth P. Stewart, Milton L. Rebbert Naval Research Laboratory, Washington DC.

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Oren Sternberg Thesis