Not teaching cursive writing anymore

By Jenny Brundin jenny. There are certainly few millennials, or even somethings, who could perform that skill on demand as a requisite for adulthood. Each, of course, had to write an essay.

Not teaching cursive writing anymore

We can understand where districts are coming from — who uses cursive writing as much as they print these days? So much of writing is done by keyboard, after all. Yeswe should be teaching typing, too, but not in place of cursive. We now send kids to college programs that aspire to job placement even when there might not be jobs to be had but offer little in the way of critical thinking.

Why not learn something because it should be learned? Why does everything have to have a monetary reason or result?

not teaching cursive writing anymore

Balance that with a history of eastern traditions of calligraphy, and voila! You have some solid curriculum in cross-cultural studies. Helps With Their Printing and Alphabet Memorization Elementary school teachers attest to students often having trouble with the same letters since pre-school.

Introducing another writing form gives them the same leg up on printing as foreign language does with English-grammar learning for native born speakers. It reinforces their learning. By relying exclusively on print, we have fewer tools at our disposal for reaching children with learning disabilities which account for a whopping 1 out of 10 kids.

The art of letter writing already sits so precariously on the threshold of extinction that our Congress talks seriously about cutting out the post office. Will students need translator apps to be able to read historical documents on their iPads? How many times will your child hand over the card to you and ask you to read it because cursive seems like a foreign language in code?

Grandparents already feel alienated from contemporary culture through their scary apprehensive acceptance of all things technological in their households.

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Help foster better communication between the generations and lobby for cursive! Will we survive as a culture without it? Remaining silent as it gets kicked out of curriculum in middle class and working class districts around the U.Cursive writing, however, may be edging toward obsolescence, a victim of computers and changing educational standards.

[ ] cursive, a communication mainstay dating back at least 1, years in.

Should schools stop teaching cursive writing? | April 24, 6, Views 1 minute Summary Why do kids need to learn Manuscript cursive?
When Did Cursive Become Extinct in Our Schools? To me, there is a certain beauty in a handwritten document. There is a certain romanticism in a letter, and power in the ability to read historical documents such as the Constitution, or simply being able to sign your name.
Fighting to save cursive from the Common Core - The Boston Globe In the Colonial era, only some men and almost no women were taught to write. Today, however, the vast majority of adults raised in this country received manuscript handwriting instruction by first grade, and then, a few years later, they learned cursive.

Aug 12,  · But her principal at the time informed her she'll still be teaching cursive, mandatory or not. Adams doesn't mind, she said, because her students like cursive writing. "It's not art, but it is. My own children did not learn mostly print and now writing.

Why did they take this pfmlures.come writing is wonderful and there is something about the language in it self. I love cursive writing and this was my best subject in school. CASPER, Wyo. (KCWY) --Fewer teachers are teaching cursive handwriting; however, there's one school where teachers are keeping the traditional style alive.

As many of us say, "the pen is mightier. Nov 10,  · Cursive is the proper way to write English. It's both a more efficient way of writing and more aesthetically pleasing than block print.

I always write in cursive, and whilst my regular script is pretty unintelligible to anyone who isn't me I can write very clearly whilst still joining the letters if what I'm writing has to be understood by others.

So they’re opting not to teach it anymore. “It’s seeing the writing on the wall,” said Patricia Granada, principal at Eagle View elementary in Fairfax County. “Cursive .

Is Cursive Actually A Useful Skill Anymore?