Media law coursework

Media Law Media Law The Media Law postgraduate certificate course is a critical survey of the body of common law and statutory law regulating the print and electronic media in South Africa.

Media law coursework

Download Have you ever wondered what makes USA the most powerful and richest country in the world? China is far bigger in manufacturing.

India has more engineers. There are more resources in Africa. Russia has more natural gas and oil. However, USA is richer, and a superpower, because it has more intellectual property than any other country. Everytime we buy a mobile phone, watch movies or search online, entities from the USA earn money thanks to intellectual property.

The rest of the money is basically earned from intellectual property. This is what makes Apple, and consequently USA, rich. Intellectual Property is the new asset class that is most valuable. This is also very closely connected with Media law coursework media and entertainment industry which is seeing an unprecedented rise.

Did you know that Netflix is bigger in market cap and more profitable than Google? In the previous century, media and entertainment used to be a luxury, reserved for a few.

However, in this century, entertainment is seeing massive jump in consumption and prominence in lives of the masses. Coupled with intellectual property, it is creating massive wealth for businesses and individuals. It has also created a humongous economic market. Let's take a Media law coursework at the growth of the Indian media and entertainment market.

The industry provides employment to 3. The number of newspaper readers in India has increased by 38 per cent between CY and CY to reach million.

Media law coursework

India is one of the highest spending and fastest growing advertising market globally. This industry is, very clearly, one of the most promising in India and even globally.

And of course, there is a massive need for an army of talented lawyers who create contracts, register intellectual property, enforce agreements and IP rights, resolve disputes, handle investment agreements, JV contracts, licensing of various IP rights, protect legal interests of the media companies, ensure compliance to myriad laws and keep the industry in shape.

IP, Media and Entertainment industry has emerged as a very important recruiter of lawyers and IP professionals. Do you want to work for the media companies, production houses, large distributors, digital media businesses? Or even social media companies like Facebook, Hotstar or Linkedin?

Some of the greatest career opportunities for lawyers are arising in this sector right now. This is the most detailed intellectual property, media and entertainment law course in India which focuses on providing important skills based on industry needs and application. This course provides detailed understanding on strategy, creation, registration and monetization of different forms of intellectual property in India and offshore, with multiple practical examples and case studies.

Intellectual property is frequently monetized through a variety of contracts in different industries. Some of them have their own set of commercial jargon, based on the commercial intent behind the transaction.

Knowing what the jargon means and then learning how to draft such contracts effectively crucial to build a career in this area. Plenty of sample contracts and drafting exercises are included.

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Intellectual property finds a very heavy application in media and entertainment sector, so a course on intellectual property is not complete without discussion of media and entertainment laws. This course covers unique laws regulating different forms of media, intellectual property and other legal issues pertaining to media and entertainment industry.

After pursuing the course, you will be able to work as a litigator, as an in-house counsel in a company, in an IP law firm or as a business strategist with any company operating in the media music, TV, films, digital mediasports and entertainment industry.

You will have competence to handle a variety of advisory, contractual and litigation-related work. Who should take this course Decision makers and officers in IP driven companies and media and entertainment companies Lawyers looking to specialize in media, entertainment or intellectual property laws Lawyers looking to build a practice in trademark law, copyright law or patent disputes Law students looking to work in IP law firms or IP or TMT teams in big law firms Law students looking to work with media or digital media companies Lawyers working for technology, ecommerce, FMCG companies that engage in a lot of advertising activities Entrepreneurs and directors who want to master legal aspects of intellectual property, media and entertainment business What is the career potential after doing this course IP law has been a major area of interest for many lawyers because it offers very high level of intellectual challenge as an emerging area of law and opportunity to work on new technologies.

While there are some law firms with good IP, media and entertainment law practices, there are far more jobs in media and entertainment companies at present.

There are mid sized IP law firms appointing between lawyers which engage in registration of IP, managing IP portfolios, enforcement of IP rights, disputes and litigation over IP, licensing and assignment of IP rights and such other work. These law firms provide a great opportunity to have a rewarding career in IP law to young lawyers.


There are also many boutique media and entertainment law firms, especially in Mumbai, which offer excellent opportunities. There are LPOs, technology platforms such as VakilSearch and Indiafilings that hire hundreds of lawyers and IP professionals to register trademarks, copyright, patents etc at very economic rates.

While registration has turned no so profitable for most IP lawyers, licensing, assignments, objections, oppositions, litigation has massively increased in volume over the years, turning IP law as a very lucrative profession.

Media and entertainment companies are hiring many lawyers to manage various aspects of their business.Humanities top. The humanities are the cultural heart of universities; foundational for careers as writers, entrepreneurs, educators and more.

Media law coursework

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The Media Law postgraduate certificate course is a critical survey of the body of common law and statutory law regulating the print and electronic media in South Africa.

The basis of this critical perspective is the extent to which constitutional rights and values constrain the . E. 52nd Street Kansas City, MO p. f. Directories Maps & Directions Send us your feedback. What are the benefits of postgraduate study?

Postgraduate study can be a big investment, but it is an investment worth making.

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The course is structured to take account of the difficulties students most frequently encounter in understanding media law and the suggested method of study is based on techniques previous students have found most productive.

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