Lovebot writing a book

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Lovebot writing a book

Major characters[ edit ] The main cast. Clockwise lovebot writing a book upper left: Malcolm Reynolds Malcolm Reynolds, played by Nathan Fillionis owner and captain of the Firefly-class spaceship Serenity, and was a volunteer in the war between the Alliance and the Independents aka "Browncoats".

He got the name for his spaceship from a famous battle he fought and commanded in, the Battle of Serenity Valley. You just learn how to live there. As Firefly writer Tim Minear stated in an interview: Mal was raised by his mother and "about 40 hands" on a ranch on the planet Shadow. Though Mal usually seems more practical than intellectual, he occasionally surprises his friends by displaying familiarity with disparate literature varying from the works of Xiang Yu to poems by Samuel Taylor Coleridgethough he has no idea "who" Mona Lisa is.

Mal volunteered for the Independents army during the Unification War against the Alliance, gaining the rank of sergeant during that time. His loyal second-in-command Zoe was by his side for most of the war, surviving many dangerous conflicts with him.

Lovebot writing prompt

The show mentions three such battles, including the Battle of Du-Khang in featured in "The Message" and a long winter campaign in New Kashmir as told by Zoe in "War Stories" where he commanded a platoon. Mal was also involved in the ground campaign during the Battle of Sturges as seen in the comic book Serenity: Those Left Behindwhich according to Badger was the "bloodiest and shortest battle in all the war", although Mal considers it a distant second.

Mal fought in many more battles, but the turning point for him and the Independents came with their physical and emotional defeat at the Battle of Serenity Valley on the planet Hera.

On-screen information from the film Serenity suggests that Mal was given a brevet promotion to Captain during the Battle of Serenity Valley to take command of the ever-increasing number of Independent troops who were losing their officers at the hands of the Alliance.

This might explain why, in one of the deleted scenes from the Firefly pilot, Mal is described as having commanded at least men. On-screen information in Serenity shows him to have been attached to the 57th Overlanders Brigade; in the series pilot, Badger calls it the "Balls and Bayonets Brigade", though it is unclear whether that was a disparaging nickname coined by Badger himself or the actual unit sobriquet.

After the war, Mal acquired his own ship, a derelict K64 Firefly-class transport whose previous owner was a man named Captain Harbatkin Mal never got around to changing the registration papers.

Born February 15,"Vesselside" given her statements to Wash during an argument in the episode " Heart of Gold ", this is clearly an expression meaning "aboard a spaceship "Zoe served in the Unification War under Sergeant Malcolm Reynolds and continues under his command on his spaceship, Serenity.

She shares his belief in the corruption of the Alliance and wants freedom for the Border Planets.

lovebot writing a book

She trusts Mal unconditionally, but has been known to disobey orders in serious situations when she disagrees with him. In the DVD commentary for the episode " Shindig ", costume designer Shawna Trpcic mentions that the leather necklace Zoe always wears is a symbol of her marriage bond.

However, she is seen wearing the necklace in the flashback sequences of "Out of Gas", well before she has married Wash. In the book Firefly: Although Zoe and Wash worked a very dangerous sort of lifestyle, they managed to retain a rather happy marriage with one another.

Holidays of Future Passed

Zoe and the rest of the crew built a memorial for her husband on Mr. As revealed in the comic Serenity: According to the book Serenity: This is confirmed in a deleted scene from Serenityin which a display lists her military name as Corporal Zoe Alleyne.

In the documentary Re-Lighting the Firefly, her name is given as Zoe Warren, apparently a version of her name which was considered at one time, but changed by the time the film Serenity was released.

She and Sergeant Malcolm Reynolds were the only survivors of their platoon in that battle. He is only ever referred to as "Wash", the first syllable of his surname.Love Bot Writing Prompts and Craft Love Bot Craftivity {A Valentine's Day Writing Craftivity}.Super cute robot bulletin board craft project/display for February.

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Malcolm Reynolds, played by Nathan Fillion, is owner and captain of the Firefly-class spaceship Serenity, and was a volunteer in the war between the Alliance and the Independents (aka "Browncoats").He got the name for his spaceship from a famous battle he fought and commanded in, the Battle of Serenity Valley.

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"Holidays of Future Passed" is the ninth episode of Season At Christmas 30 years in the future, Bart and Lisa bring their kids to Homer and Marge's house. When there, they learn about parenting and loving your family.

lovebot writing a book

Meanwhile, a pregnant Maggie is traveling to visit her family and falls. Posts about Writing written by Ian Philpot. I recently shared the creation of LoveBot, a new character of I shared a day-in-the-life story of LoveBot, and I’ve received a lot of good responses from that..

Better yet, there’s a new version of LoveBot.

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