Literature review on online shopping 2012

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Literature review on online shopping 2012

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One Literature Review Sample: With the flourishing numbers of online merchants, people nowadays have various choices to do their shopping. Big companies such as eBay and amazon. With features such as price comparison, product photos and user reviews, consumers can shop easily and smartly without even going to the stores and having such a hard time looking for the products they want.

All they have to do are just browse for the product they want in the website and within a few mouse clicks they are off. Such simplicity is what makes online shopping appealing for consumers. The question is, why do many people still deny to shop online?

Well, for most people, privacy and security issues are their concerns. In the United States, more than half of the adult population uses the Internet and from that number, approximately half have shopped online Sefton, qtd.

Previous studies had shown that Internet users as a whole agreed that privacy and security issues are vital for them to shop online Rohm and Milne, qtd.

Most of them regard their personal information as their main concern U. They also concluded that more experienced Internet users tend to have more concern regarding privacy issues but less concern on security issues Nevertheless, consumers still consider both as their main concern for online shopping as suggested in the survey Now, after knowing that privacy and security issues are vital for consumers in online shopping, I would like to know the emphasis in the real world.

While most consumers trust big and well established online merchant such as CD Universe, Travelocity, Columbia House and Ikea, these big companies still receive frequent security threats Kandra He added by saying that hackers could easily infiltrate and get customers personal information online as online shoppers are not anonymous.

Experts also discover that security measures taken by online retailers are insufficient For instance, data encryption only applies in actual transfer of customer data but not in the database which is ironically the most common targets for hackers.

Some other sites however, do not even have privacy and security policy posted implying that they do not protect their customers Hairell Apart from the retailers themselves, credit card processing firms and third party sites also receive threats Kandra So, from all these indications, I can see that online shopping is not totally safe.

However, customer rights and security aspects are not just the responsibility of online merchants. To uphold them, the consumers themselves need to act. Internet Life, to be an ace consumer, online shoppers need to prepare themselves with some basics Halpin As the prominent method of payment is credit card, consumers should be more aware in handling it They should never disclose their credit information via e-mail.

Literature review on online shopping 2012

Some of the credit card issuers also have some sorts of protection that consumers should apply for.Also, a literature review can be interpreted as a review of an abstract accomplishment. The objective of this study is to investigate the factors affecting online shopping.

A model explaining the impact of different factors on online shopping intentions and behavior is developed based on the theory of planned behavior.

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of online shopping on retail business Research problem: how does online shopping affect the retail business Review of literature: Online shopping is a form of electronic commerce whereby consumers directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet without an intermediary service.

Sep 05,  · The studies included in this literature review appear to provide compelling evidence for the similarities between different types of addictions, notably substance-related addictions and Internet addiction, on a variety of levels.

shopping to online total retail size in India is billion dollar (Technopak, ). Out of that organized retail is 34 billion dollar (7 % of all retail) (pwc, ). CHAPTER 2: REVIEW OF LITERATURE Introduction This chapter consists of review of literature related with influence of online marketing on consumers and also deals with business perspective.

Then it reviews the current online shopping experiences and are better candidates to be captured in the well-. it is an literature review on online advertisements by kaleemmib. it is an literature review on online advertisements.

Market Segmentation-review of Literature. Advertising Effectiveness Research Project. Online Advertising stated that women have a more positive attitude than men towards online shopping. Schlosser et al /5(3).

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