Identify the main stakeholders involved in awb scandal

What do we mean by stakeholders and their interests? Why identify and analyze stakeholders and their interests? Who are potential stakeholders?

Identify the main stakeholders involved in awb scandal

How to Identify Project Stakeholders? Updated on By Fahad Usmani 29 Comments The stakeholder identification process is one of the most important processes in project management because projects are undertaken to fulfill the requirements of stakeholders.

You will have to identify, involve, and keep them engaged with your project to satisfy and fulfill the requirements of your stakeholders. Identify stakeholders is a process of identifying stakeholders regularly throughout the project life cycle and documenting relevant information regarding their interests, independencies, influence, and potential impact on project success.

A stakeholder is an individual, group, or organization who may affect, be affected by or perceive itself to be affected by a decision, activity, or outcome of a project.

Some examples of project stakeholders include project sponsor, higher management, team members, etc. Identifying Project Stakeholders Your project is successful if your stakeholders are happy.

If stakeholders are not satisfied, then your project will not be completed successfully. You should start this process as soon as the project charter is created.

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Now you might be wondering how you should start searching for stakeholders, and whom you should approach to find stakeholders. In this blog post, I am going to give you a general idea to help you with the stakeholder identification process. Start with the Project Charter The project charter is a document, which authorizes the existence of a project and appoints a project manager.

This document contains high-level project information such as the project objectives, budget, schedule, assumptions, and constraints, the name of the project sponsor, the name of top management, etc.

Here you can find the names of some influential stakeholders for your project. Review the Contract Documents You should review the contract agreement to find the stakeholders mentioned in the contract if the project is undertaken due to any contractual agreement.

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Review the Organizational Process Assets and Enterprise Environmental Factors A review of the enterprise environmental factors and organizational process assets can provide you with many stakeholders.

You can get a stakeholder register from the organizational process assets, as well as the lessons learned from past projects, which may provide some information about the stakeholders. The government is a key stakeholder for any project, and you must maintain a good working relationship with various government authorities.

Their support can be critical to the success of your project. You can acquire information about which government entity is your stakeholder from enterprise environmental factors.

A review of the governmental regulations and industry standards can assist you in finding more stakeholders.

You can gain a great deal of information about the stakeholders by interviewing the experts.

Identify the main stakeholders involved in awb scandal

You should ask open-ended questions during the interview, and you can keep one team member with you to note down important points. Conduct Brainstorming Sessions Conducting a brainstorming session is a good method to collect information on any given subject. You can use this tool to identify stakeholders for your project.

You can hold brainstorming sessions with your team members and experts.Directly affected stakeholders will usually have greater influence and impact of a project than those indirectly affected.

While these details are developed and analyzed further in the Stakeholder Analysis process, it is important to begin thinking about them now and helps provide a systematic way to identify stakeholders. Madoffs scandal?1. What did Madoff do that was illegal and unethical?pfmlures.comfy some of the main reasons that Madoff was able to start and sustain such an enormous Ponzi scheme for as long as he did?3.

Who were/are the major stakeholders involved and affected by Madoffs scheme and scandal?4.


Did Madoff have accomplices in. 3 A key Output of the Identify Stakeholders process is the Stakeholder Register, which lists the project’s stakeholders and relevant information for each stakeholder or stakeholder group.

Stakeholders are broadly defined as anyone who is impacted by a decision-maker’s decision. Some examples of corporate stakeholders would be shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, financiers, families of employees and the community in which the corporation is located.

Identify the main stakeholders involved in awb scandal

A stakeholder is a systematic way to identify the expectations, needs, importance, and relationships within an organization. False RP Building Products is a manufacturer of engineered wood building materials with a factory located in Wichita, Kansas.

Managing stakeholders – keeping them involved and supportive – can be made easier by stakeholder analysis, a method of determining their levels of interest in and influence over the effort. Once you have that information, you can then decide on the appropriate approach for each individual and group.

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