Fs2 episode 4

Juliano Wandalen Thiago de Lima Santos While the green team is out training, Team Werdum destroys the mattresses including their own as a prank by skipping on them on the pool and sledding them on the hills. This meant that both teams are forced to sleep on the floor for the rest of the season.

Fs2 episode 4

To think broadly using their own thoughts, construct their own ideas. For the discussion the student so much emphasis is being placed upon instructional media, books and speakers as resources for learning, they tend to overlook perhaps the richest source of all-the learner himself.

Each individual has an accumulation of experiences, ideas, feelings and attitude which comprise a rich vein of materials for problem solving and learning. Situations that enable students to become open to their selves to draw upon their personal collection of information and to impart their information in cooperative interaction with others exploit learning.

Laptop for the presentation of the topic. Speakers for the sounds effect. The used of chalkboard was clearly used for discussion. More significantly, learning has to do with something which happens, in the world of the learner. It flourishes in a situation in which teaching personal meaning of problem events for them.

Engage students in higher thinking Have students combine facts and ideas to synthesize, evaluate, and generalize. Have students build arguments, solve problems, and construct new meanings and understandings. Have students support thinking with evidence.

Engage students in generative concepts and skills Have students anchor new knowledge to central concepts to build understanding. Have students apply familiar central concepts to build understanding. Invite students to build increasingly complex explanation of disciplinary concepts and processes.

Ensure that students are asked to engage in increasingly more complex tasks. Treat students proleptically as if they already possess the abilities you are seeking to develop Engage students and teachers in the development of their own expertise. Conduct metacognitive activities so that students gain knowledge of how to learn, how to monitor their progress, and how to self-correct.

Provide practice in the use of academic tools and activities so that students appropriate them overtime. Encourage students to support each other in their development. Encourage students to support each other in building academic stamina.

Make criteria for quality work clear for all Use rubrics to spell out expected quality of work. Encourage students to take risks and to work to master challenging academic work.

Provide students with opportunities to explicitly transfer what they know to challenging learning situations.

Fs2 episode 4

Invite students to deliberately articulate the purposes, audiences and language involved in specific situations. Promote the deliberate choice of conceptuality appropriate cultural, disciplinary, and linguistic behaviors.

Build students ability to effectively navigate across contexts of use. Focus interactions on constructions of knowledge State explicitly that constructing new understandings is hard work, that it requires listening intently to interlocutors, making sense of what they are saying and deciding how to respond to their ideas either by agreeing and providing further evidence if possible or by dis agreeing and stating why this is the case.

Ask students to focus on the coherence of what they are saying Are they saying with the main ideas?

Fs2 episode 4

Are they making sense?Visit a school’s learning resource center. Look around and see what resources and facilities are available inside.

Field Study 5: Learning Assessment Strategies: EPISODE 4

Ask the learning resource center in-charge about how some equipment or facilities are used. Download english subtitles of movies and new TV shows.

2 Note down the various teaching aids that were utilized in the teaching learning process. 3 Comment on the appropriateness of the teaching aids to the learning tasks. 4 Reflect on your learning. The Best Indoor TV Antenna of No matter your age or income, buying a TV antenna makes a lot of sense in Cord cutters have known for a long time that channels like NBC, ABC, FOX and PBS are free and delivered in high definition over the air. Jan 27,  · This e-Portfolio is a partial fulfillment of the requirements in the subject EDUC 37B: Assessment of Learning 2 for the 2nd Semester, S.Y.

The largest collection of quality english subtitles. shamalongadingdong 2 points 3 points 4 points 12 months ago Copied from Wikipedia: "Fujoshi (腐女子, lit. "rotten girl") is a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men.

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Dec 01,  · The assessment tools used by the teacher are placement assessment, creation type of performance-based assessment, quizzes; oral recitation, self-report and observation were relevant to the topic or subject matter.

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