Dover beach essay analysis

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Dover beach essay analysis

It's true she had read Sophocles in a fairly good translation And caught that bitter allusion to the sea, But all the time he was talking she had in mind the notion of what his whiskers would feel like On the back of her neck.

She told me later on That after a while she got to looking out At the lights across the channel, and really felt sad, Thinking of all the wine and enormous beds And blandishments in French and the perfumes.

Dover Beach: Matthew Arnold - Summary and Critical Analysis

And then she got really angry. To have been brought All the way down from London, and then be addressed As sort of a mournful cosmic last resort Is really tough on a girl, and she was pretty. Anyway, she watched him pace the room and finger his watch-chain and seem to sweat a bit, And then she said one or two unprintable things.

But you mustn't judge her by that. What I mean to say is, She's really all right.


I still see her once in a while And she always treats me right. We have a drink And I give her a good time, and perhaps it's a year Before I see her again, but there she is, Running to fat, but dependable as they come, And sometimes I bring her a bottle of Nuit d'Amour.

He seems to be mocking Arnold's ideas of a last resort love to the woman in the poem. It's a mockery of the Victorian values in 'Dover Beach. Hecht reinforces his Ideas of change by taking Arnold's " This supports the idea that Hecht is aware of the changes that are happening and he is envious of the way things used to be.

In short, Hecht uses the Victorian values shown in Arnold's "Dover Beach" as a comparison to the changes of values of his time.

Dover beach essay analysis

Hecht brings reality to Arnold's romantic poem. Hecht shows an envy of he romantic time potrayed in 'Dover Beach'.The Dover Bitch is a taunt at the romanticism of Matthew Arnold's poem ' Dover Beach'.

He seems to be mocking Arnold's ideas of a last resort love to the woman in the poem. This paper compares the way the poems, "Dover Beach", by Matthew Arnold, and "Dover Bitch", by Anthony Hech, treat the subject of love. The paper explains that, while both poems are about love, the type of love each poem is describing is quite different.

Published: Mon, 5 Dec Matthew Arnold’s “Dover Beach” can often deceive readers into thinking that the speaker is actually calm and content. However, if we dissect and examine the poem carefully, we notice that the Arnold worries about life and its meaning. \'Dover Beach\' is a dramatic monologue with the lover as the speaker and the ladylove as the silent interlocutor.

The poem aesthetisizes the apprehension of a sensitive spiritualist at the erosion of faith from the Victorian life which had become crassly materialistic.

Essay on Dover Beach, An Analysis - Dover Beach is located in England, on the eastern shores near France. It is also the setting, and title of a poem written by a well educated man named Matthew Arnold, who is well known as the first modern critic of poetry.

For each of the twenty-one poems or poetic forms for AP Literature and Composition, students and teachers will find a link to the poem and multimedia resources. Twenty-One Poems for AP Literature and Composition. September 17, Twitter; Matthew Arnold: “Dover Beach”.

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