Conservation master thesis ppt

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Conservation master thesis ppt

Growth and age[ edit ] For reasons that are not clear, Australian bass are extremely slow growing. For many years, the maximum age recorded in wild Australian bass was 22 years.

The same study recorded numerous wild bass aged 19 years of age and 29 years of age corresponding to two separate years of strong recruitment. Males tend to have an absolute maximum size of 1.

Estuaries are dynamic habitats with daily fluxes in salinity due to tides, and are also affected by droughts, floods and freshes minor, temporary rises in flowmaking measurements of preferred spawning salinities for wild Australian bass difficult.

conservation master thesis ppt

However, based on capture of recently spawned larval and juvenile Australian bass in estuaries, the species appears to spawn in a salinity range of 8—12 parts per thousand salt water is approximately 36 ppt.

Australian bass are highly fecund, with a reported mean fecundity "fertility" conservation master thesis ppteggs from the mature wild female specimens examined, and one very large specimen yielding 1, eggs. Larvae hatch in 2—3 days. Juvenile Australian bass migrate into the freshwater reaches after spending several months in estuarine waters.

Despite spawning in estuaries, Australian bass rely on floods coming down river systems into the estuaries throughout the winter period, both to stimulate migration and spawning in adult Australian bass and for strong survival and recruitment of Australian bass larvae.

Australian bass adults and larvae may also enter the sea the latter perhaps involuntarily during winter spawning in times of flood. It has been reported: The presence of field-caught larvae of both species on incoming tides in Swansea Channel indicates that the larvae have spent some time in the ocean Macquaria novemaculeata adults move downstream into estuaries to spawn in water of suitable salinity.

In low rainfall years, the spawning location is further upstream than in wet years, when spawning can occur in shallow coastal waters adjacent to estuaries Searle, pers. However, this movement has not prevented distinct genetic profiles and subtle morphological "body shape" differences developing in different river systems.

Conservation[ edit ] Wild Australian bass stocks have declined seriously since European settlement. Dams and weirs blocking migration of Australian bass both to estuaries and to the upper freshwater reaches of coastal rivers is the most potent cause of decline. If Australian bass are prevented from migrating to estuaries for breeding by an impassable dam or weir, then they will die out above that dam or weir.

Some dams or weirs exclude Australian bass from the vast majority of their habitat. Dams and weirs also diminish or completely remove flood events required for effective breeding of adult bass and effective recruitment of juvenile Australian bass.

A related issue is the myriad of other structures on coastal rivers such as poorly designed road crossings that often needlessly block migration of Australian bass. Another potent cause of decline is habitat degradation. Unfortunately poor land management practices have been the norm historically in Australia.

Complete clearing of riparian river bank vegetation, stock trampling river banks, and massive siltation from these poor practices as well as poor practices in the catchment, can severely degrade and silt coastal rivers to the point of being uninhabitable for Australian bass.

The Bega River in southern New South Wales is a particularly salutory example of a coastal river so stripped of riparian vegetation and so silted with coarse granitic sands from poor land management practices, that the majority of it is now completely uninhabitable by Australian bass and other native fish.

As a slow-growing fish, Australian bass are vulnerable to overfishing, and overfishing has been a driver of decline in Australian bass stocks in past decades.

However, the situation has improved markedly now the majority of fishermen are practicing catch and release with Australian bass. Stockings can also mask and divert attention away from serious habitat degradation and decline of wild stocks in catchments.

Fishing[ edit ] Fishing for Australian bass is a summertime affair, undertaken during the warmer months in the freshwater reaches of the rivers they inhabit.extreme sports should be banned essays ucsd linguistics research paper my philosophy in life short essay about nature toussaint louverture ap english essay help.

BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard. For example, salinity at Hackensack River County Park just north of Route 4, on 3 September , was estimated to be 8 ppt (parts-per-thousand) (Joseph Labriola, personal communication to EK), and mean salinity in the Hackensack River just above Overpeck Creek is ppt (HMDC ).

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