An epitome of photography

Gift Certificates San Francisco Zoo: Introduction to Wildlife Photography Workshop - January 18th, What could be better than spending a gorgeous Sunday afternoon with the animals at the zoo? Brian Rueb and I met our group of twelve enthusiastic photographers at

An epitome of photography

Epitome Photography

They are now heading towards the Mars, and digging dip into Martian meteorites in search of extraterrestrial life. While they continue to explore their boundaries and try to find their purpose in this universe, nature continues to test the limits of human strength to fight back, on this very planet.

Being the most vulnerable yet the most intelligent species of this earth, human race try to push their limit in an effort to survive the odds imposed by decimating natural disasters.

The retreating tidal waves took thousands of souls into the vastness of the ocean and left most of the people homeless. Most of the families lost their close ones who were involved in deep sea fishing at that time.


The frighteningly fierce waves rose so high and entered so deep into the habitable lands that the map of this coastal region changed forever. At least a kilometer of the coastline permanently submerged under the sea.

An epitome of photography

However, although Sidr stripped away the community off close relatives and resources, it could not rob the undaunted spirit that the people of this area protect in their hearts. The community is turning back again, venturing deeper into the same sea for fishing, which snatched away all their hopes.

Sundarbans, the century old guardian, is sprouting new leaves and regaining its vigor. Kuakata, with all its relentless and courageous fighters proudly stands there, as the epitome of human resilience.

The series was completed during my visits in Kuakata in and The natural resources of Kuakata along with its resilient humanity offer a fantastic destination for the travelers from all around the world.

This entry was posted in Stories.The Grateful Dead’s final show with Jerry Garcia marked the end of an era—for music lovers and acid trippers alike. Twenty years ago today, on July 9, , the consummate jam band played live.

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Railroaders: Jack Delano’s Homefront Photography – Center for Railroad Photography & Art

From the most amazing and unique portraits to the most captivating and enduring moments, in the Philippines and in many corners of the world, Metrophoto unwaveringly creates exclusive experiences that is everything any discerning client could ever dream of. These are the youngsters that will be our future stars.

Laureate Nocturnal (Am Ch Okie's Night At Th' Opera x Am Ch Laureate Cloak And Dagger). Buy Electro-Harmonix Epitome Multi-Effects Pedal: Chorus, Flange & Tremolo - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Photographer Nikola Olic's architectural photography seems to flatten space into two-dimensional images, as in this juxtaposition of two buildings on Manhattan's west side.

An epitome of photography

Olic shot this image of.

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