A biography of dan gable

His father was a Protestant and his mother a Roman Catholic. Gable was named William after his father, but even in childhood, he was almost always called Clark or sometimes Billy. His mother died when he was ten months old, possibly from a brain tumoralthough the official cause of death was given as an epileptic fit.

A biography of dan gable

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Raveling is a pioneer in transcending the intersections of sports, culture, race and business. At 80 years of age, George has a multitude of incredible life experiences and counts some of the most successful and brilliant people in the world amongst his closest friends.

He remains an avid reader and passionate life learner who commits every day to inspiring and empowering others to uncover the outer depths of who they are. He is a husband, a father, a friend, and a mentor to many. InRaveling graduated from Villanova University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and a fruitful collegiate basketball playing career in the record books.

A biography of dan gable

InGeorge would return to basketball as an assistant coach at his alma mater. Following a prolific basketball coaching career, he would spend brief stints as a color commentator for Fox Sports and CBS, before being presented with an opportunity of a lifetime to join Nike, Inc.

Significant Facts Possesses original copy of Dr. While best known as a basketball standout in his early teens, young George also participated in football, baseball and, even won a couple Golden Gloves awards as a fledgling pugilist.

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However, he wisely eschewed a career as a boxer to accept a hoops scholarship to Villanova where he led the Wildcats in rebounding from he once pulled down 29 in a game. The early Raveling years are not that different from many Americans other than a stint as a professional basketball player in the old Eastern Basketball League.

The remarkable journey on which he embarked throughout the next six decades and counting is what sets this interesting and complex man apart from others in the universe. It was at this time period in his life that he had the opportunity to serve as extra security for the late Dr.

A biography of dan gable

Martin Luther King, Jr — on the day Dr. An explanation will follow later in this biography. As A College Basketball Assistant In Raveling returned to basketball as an assistant coach at his alma mater and immediately earned the reputation as a master recruiter. Coach Rav also displayed his coaching ability by leading the Terrapin freshman squad led by McMillan and Elmore to an undefeated season and a 1 national ranking — just ahead of a UCLA group led by Bill Walton.

The Washington State Years saw Raveling move into the head coaching ranks to one of the most unlikely places — Pullman, Washington.

The Cougars were at the bottom of the then Pac-8 and the job proved as difficult as many of his friends had told him.

Historical Biography of George H. Raveling

His overall record at WSU was and six of his players made NBA rosters with many others playing professional overseas. In addition to his coaching duties, he founded Cougar Cage Camp, a weekly, overnight-only basketball experience for kindergarten through high school aged boys and girls.

The camp, the most successful of its kind in the nation, attracted youngsters from all 50 states as well as numerous foreign countries per week for each of five weeks. Raveling also was the author of a popular weekly syndicated column, summarizing the goings-on in and around the basketball world throughout the country.

George served as father figure to many of his players and a mentor to all of them.> Full Bio > Quick Facts > Gable Quotes Full Biography.

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During his prep and college Wrestling careers, Dan Gable compiled an unbelievable record of He was undefeated in 64 prep matches, and was at Iowa State University. Bruce Baumgartner: Bruce Baumgartner, American wrestler who won four Olympic medals, two of which were gold, and who was one of the most successful American superheavyweights of all time.

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